Are you a changemaker? UpliftNow may just be the place for you!
UpliftNow is a nonprofit social impact enterprise which combines the best features of a barter trade commerce and charity support community. Our mission is to uplift the individual, the family, entrepreneurial and small businesses and the charitable causes that create good and bond people in communities through valuable service.  We welcome all inquiries from those interested in joining our team!
Submit all job inquiries with resume to:
INTERNSHIPS: (All internships are planned as part-time, 3 month engagements that may lead to full time employment thereafter)
Present job openings with UpliftNow are internships in the areas noted below. All internships are compensated in the form of UpliftNow Community TT$’s (Trade Tokens), A Trade Token is equal in value to 1 USD and may be spent on any item or service available in the UpliftNow marketplace. Compensation is merit-based and negotiable based upon experience and contribution to our mission and purpose.  Please review the content on our site and watch the videos so you become acquainted with the vibe of UpliftNow to determine your interest in being involved in this revolutionary social enterprise. If you feel you’re a good fit, then please submit a summary resume along with a brief cover letter or intro paragraph telling us what resonates about UpliftNow with you and why you’d like to be involved!
Social Media Marketing Specialist: Internship – Must have passion and strong working knowledge of all key social media outlets, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Meetup. You will have a strong base of followers and contacts in these media outlets and be able to convey the value proposition of the UpliftNow community, engage with and sign up members through our portal into our marketplace community. This is a fun and exciting position that can be done remotely and with variable hours. The Social Media Marketing Specialist is a key position in the growth of UpliftNow and will be rewarded generously for success. This role which only requires 5-10 hours per week may develop into a part-time or full-time in the near future. We’re seeking someone who can devote a 3 month period to this internship. Ideally, you will be attending a college in the Triangle area of North Carolina, since we are striving to build a strong presence in this area initially, although this is not a requirement. We’re looking for the right person to join the team, not just the location!
Community Charity Liaison: Internship – Do you enjoy engaging with and helping public charities achieve their missions? If so, this 3 month internship may just be the fit for you. UpliftNow helps charities reduce their cash expenditures by using our community Trade Tokens to buy services and products they need to fulfill their mission. The Community Charity Liaison will closely coordinate with key leaders at the charities to facilitate our services and how we can help them grow. This position is 5-10 hours per week on a flexible schedule. It is mostly phone contact, email outreach and in-person visits locally as needed occasionally. Compensation in UpliftNow Trade Tokens is negotiable based on experience and achievement. If working for a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits have a greater impact sounds intriguing to you, then we’d love to hear from you. Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina candidates will be given preference for this position.
Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Liaison: Internship – If social entrepreneurism is exciting to you then you’ll love introducing the value proposition that UpliftNow brings to small business owners and Chambers of Commerce. This position will be responsible for initial outreach, follow up, and engagement with our Chamber members partners as well as other small businesses within the community. Since UpliftNow community membership is free, this is not a hard sell! It is being personable, following up and being genuinely interested in how we, as an organization can best serve the businesses we represent. If you have a heart for telling, not selling, and love to bring value to people and help them grow, then we’d love to hear from you. This position can be from 5-15 hours per week and can grow into full-time. Compensation is performance driven; the more members you bring into the community, the happier you’ll be! As with all internships at UpliftNow, the comp is community Trade Tokens. Good news; you’ll be able to spend your Trade Tokens anywhere in the community, especially with the businesses you sign up! The focus area is the Triangle area of North Carolina, but we’ll entertain Liaison’s in other areas.
Community Manager: Internship – The Community Manager is a key member of the UpliftNow team and is a top priority for movement into a full-time position for the right person. Responsibilities include member support, phone and email. As a virtual administrator the Community Manager will work closely with the CEO and the Secretary/Treasurer and have access and oversight to all member data. This is a trusted position and requires tech savvy, the ability to work independently with assigned tasks and a sound business acumen. The Community Manager will work closely with all members of the team and will be a “go-to”, get it done person! The position is 10+ hours per week and will be compensated in UpliftNow Community Trade Tokens. If this sounds like a fit for your skill set, please reach out and let’s talk.