Q. Are there any cash costs to join or to participate?

A. NO. No cost whatsoever to join, list your products or services for sale in the community, sell, buy or donate. There will never be cash fees to join and participate in the UpliftNow community!

Q. What makes UpliftNow different from other online marketplaces?

A. We help people use extra stuff they have and don’t need, so they can have more of an impact in their communities in a unique way, without using cash. Members offer extra support to their favorite causes through the UpliftNow marketplace community without spending or donating more cash!

We are a free, barter marketplace and community development organization. Our focus is helping individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits all do more by working within an community that accepts their own community value virtual, digital Trade Token for payment of products and services, instead of cash! People save money and also help their causes, by donating Trade Tokens to their community nonprofits, churches, schools, and many other service organizations

Q. How will you sustain the membership and growth if it’s free?

A. We are a registered tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) and are reliant upon and grateful for the generous cash and barter donations our members and supporters give. Corporate sponsorships and partnerships are a big help.

Q. Who benefits most from being part of UpliftNow?

A. Anyone who has a desire to help themselves and others by participating in a community that is peer-to-peer and a micro-economy exchange system controlled by the members who buy and sell products and services from one another and also donate part of their sales to member charities and service organizations. These are: individuals, families, charities and nonprofit service organizations and corporations and foundations that support our cause.

Q. How are Trade Tokens treated for tax purposes?

A. UpliftNow Trade Tokens are treated the same as cash for tax purposes of accounting for income, expenses and donations. We make 1099-B’s available for all our members for their records and reporting.

Q. How is the community Trade Token value determined?

A. The same as in any free market economy, by supply and demand and agreed purchase/sale terms between the buyer and seller. UpliftNow does not set any prices, although it is understood by the members that 1TT$ (One Trade Token) is equal to $1 US. Members determine the price of items or services they offer. UpliftNow only records the Trade Token amount for the buyer and seller’s online accounts.

Q. How do I get UpliftNow Trade Tokens?

A. You earn community Trade Tokens by listing and selling a personal or business product or service. Once you’ve listed and sold something to another community member, locally or globally, you will have the Trade Tokens in your account and available to spend. (Note: you may also receive Trade Tokens for promotional listings or for referring other members who join the community). Contact Customer Support for more details of referral Trade Token bonuses.

Q. Can Trade Tokens be purchased, traded or sold for cash or cryptocurrency?

A. There is no means of buying, trading or selling Trade Tokens within UpliftNow. Members have ownership of their Trade Tokens and may do as they wish with them; buy, sell, trade, donate, gift or assign. UpliftNow is the record keeping community support, not a money, token or crypto exchange. We are a public charity service organization.

Q. Where can I spend my UpliftNow Trade Tokens?

A. Anywhere within the local or global marketplace. You can view members listings from around the neighborhood or around the world. There are millions of dollars of products and services available in the marketplace.

Q. How do I donate my Trade Tokens to a member nonprofit or to UpliftNow?

A. You may donate your Trade Tokens through the UpliftNow marketplace, or contact the member nonprofit directly. If they are a nonprofit, they can provide you a record of your donation. You may donate cash or Trade Tokens to UpliftNow for our support if you wish, either through the site or contact us directly.

Have ideas or need help? Send us an email to info@upliftnow.org

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