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SIGN UP for your Free UpliftNow account today.
SIGN UP for your Free UpliftNow account today.
For everyone; there is no cost to join, no cost to buy, sell or donate.
It’s FREE, and always will be!
Any member can donate their community tokens or transfer them to another friend, family member, church, school or charity that is part of the UpliftNow community!
For individuals and families:
With UpliftNow, anyone can become a member for free (well, you do have to be 18 or older).  To participate in the community and buy and sell, simply join, take a photo of the item you’d like to list on the site, list the details, including price and terms of sale and voilà!  Oh yeah, if you have a service, skill or talent you’d like to market, you can list it as well; how cool is that?  When you sell an item or service you accept payment in UpliftNow community Trade Tokens; the same when you buy stuff.  Your account will always list your available tokens so you’ll know how much you have to spend.  It you need more tokens, list and sell more stuff, or you can arrange with the seller to pay cash or trade something else you have.  It’s all about friendly communication, and it’s fun! All members can donate tokens to their favorite charity, school, or church, if they’re a member of the community.  If they’re not, then hey, tell them about it and sign ’em up!
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For Businesses:
All businesses can use more new customers.  With UpliftNow, they can accept community Trade Tokens as payment for their products or services and then use those Trade Tokens to buy services or items from other members of the community, saving valuable cash.  If a business has excess inventory or unproductive time, UpliftNow is an ideal way for them to more fully engage with their community and generate new biz!
Businesses can also hire a temporary employee and pay them with UpliftNow Trade Tokens.  This is a win-win.  The person who may be unemployed or underemployed can have an opportunity to prove their worth to the business, a chance they might not otherwise have received.  The business has the opportunity to evaluate the employee, with minimum risk, for a short period of time, then if it works out, they can hire the person and pay them with regular cash wages.
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For nonprofits, charitable organizations, churches, and schools:
A challenge that most nonprofits, churches and schools have is using their resources smartly.  Often there is shortage of cash to acquire much needed items to support their cause.  That’s where UpliftNow comes in handy.  Any community member can donate Trade Tokens to the member charity, then the charity uses those Trade Tokens to buy what they need from other businesses and individuals in the UpliftNow community, locally, nationally or globally.
UpliftNow is a new and innovative way to build community, commerce and service!  Everyone wins.
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